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Talking Wolf Productions

"Talking Wolf Productions", a Serbian film and video production company, was founded in September 2005.

TWP's first feature production, the action/horror zombie film Zone of the Dead, is a Serbian-Italian-Spanish co-production and it brings the world’s most famous zombie killer - Ken Foree - versus the living dead, for the first time after George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1978). Also starring Kristina Klebe from Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007).

Zone of the Dead was screened at more than 25 international festivals, won several awards and it has been released in UK, Ireland, France, Japan, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada and Serbia, and soon it will be also available in Indonesia, Middle East, Thailand, Spain and Italy.

TWP acted as a leading producer among much bigger international production companies involved in production of Zone of the Dead and succeeded in producing it's first film with big international cast and crew. Also, TWP utilized an American company, Epic Pictures Group, as the sales representative.

TWP has also been co-producer of Night of the Sinner, a thriller starring Robert Englund (Wes Craven's A Nightmare in Elm Street) and a feature length documentary Holocausto – Stalin.

Now, with Zone of the Dead living it's life worldwide, Talking Wolf Productions has proven it's seriousness and capability to produce and manage films of high quality and big commercial potential. The good work of the company has been recognized and awarded – Milan Todorović has been awarded as "Best producer of the year" at Producers' Day ceremony in Belgrade, while Vukota Brajović has been awarded as "Best actor-producer" at Niš Film Festival.

TWP is a film production company with a clear vision to produce films for worldwide audience. There are several projects currently in pre-production which will follow the Zone of the Dead pattern – shot in english language with American actors in leading roles. Among them is the action thriller The Maddening and the sequel to Zone of the Dead entitled Wrath of the Dead.

Zone of the Dead various covers: