With the example of Zone of the Dead it is clear that these kind of films have great value in the world market. The horror/action genre is the most popular and profitable genre in the market today. There is a wide audience market looking for any new available films of this genre.

Home video, television and even theatrical release is certain in most of the big markets.

Our goal is to produce more films of high quality and big commercial potential that will follow Zone of the Dead pattern – shot in English, with international actors in leading roles. The idea is to have a new and original approach inside genre formula which will attract the audience.

Our partner in Serbia is Pink Television, the biggest commercial television in this region. Our partner from Spain is ABS Production – Barcelona, a film company that has more than twenty international productions in their filmography.

Talking Wolf Productions have good contacts with sales agents from USA and we have also worked with Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG).

With Zone of the Dead we have proven that Talking Wolf Productions is a serious and ambitious film company that will deliver the product as agreed.

If you are interested in working with us on some of our future projects, please contact us.


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